Interesting Cars Owned By Famous Stars

Celebrities are known to live flashy expensive lives and some people like to show their wealth through the cars they own. They have impressive tastes in cars and don’t mind whether the car costs millions of dollars. Cars show prestige and class. Some of the celebs who have impressive cars are;

Jennifer Lopez

The world renowned singer has good taste in cars and keeps heads turning in her Aston Martin DB7

Interesting Cars Owned By Famous Stars

Pierce Brosnan

The James Bond actor cruises around the city with a BMW 18 Plug in supercar

Janet Jackson

The singer and sister to Michael Jackson owns an impressive Aston Martin Vanquish that boasts of lightning speed of 201MPH. The car goes for a whopping $234,260.

Simon Cowell

The American Idol and America’s Got Talent judge may be sometimes mean to the contestants, but there’s nothing to criticize him on when it comes to his taste in cars. Simon owns an Italian-made Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder.

Charlize Theron

This amazing actress has skills on set and off set it seems. Her impeccable taste in cars has seen her buy a Land Rover Range Rover. The Australian native cruises around in one of the most popular choices of cars for Hollywood’s A-listers.

Angelina Jolie

The world-renowned actress owns a BMW Hydrogen 7. This car is one of the first hydrogen powered luxury sedans in the world. When it came out, environmentalist Angelina Jolie did not hesitate before snapping one up.

Samuel L Jackson

The action actor has graced our screens repeatedly with some of the coolest rides in the world. Samuel owns a Lamborghini 57 S, which he purchased at an auction. The auction was held to benefit the Child Safety Network.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is known for being rich and having a lot of money at her disposal. She is also known as a party girl who likes to throw parties. She owns a Mercedes SLR. Apparently, she has been awarded with one too many speeding tickets because of this.

Kirsten Dunst

She is well known for starring in Spider-Man 3. You can catch her cruising her Toyota Prius up and down Hollywood Boulevard as she cashes in her movie checks.

Jim Carrey

The stand-up comedian from Ontario owns a Mercedes S-Class.

Tom Cruise

The famous actor happens to own a Porsche 911. The car has top speed and a very powerful engine

Interesting Cars Owned By Famous Stars

Tyra Banks

This amazing woman wears many hats. From modelling for Victoria’s Secret and Covergirl to hosting America’s Got Talent show, this woman never fails to impress us with her skills. She owns a Lexus SC. She also hosted her show Tyra for a couple of years before she chose to move on to other things.

Lindsey Lohan

The amazing actor rose to fame in the nineties and 2000’s. Lindsey Lohan has been in the public eye ever since she was a small girl, starring in movies such as Parent Trap and Mean Girls. She was amazing before she decided to step out of the public eye for a while. She owns a Porsche 911, has apparently crashed, and repaired it a couple of times.