Important Driving Tips To Remember…Always

Remember the first time you got behind the wheel after getting that driver’s license? You were excited, knew the driver’s manual from front to back and were cautious not to break any of the driving rules drilled into you from the get-go.
However, as you gained more experience and became a pro driver, you learned some shortcuts and even forgot some of the most important tips that are life-saving. Below are some of the tips you should have at the tip of your fingers.

Important Driving Tips To Remember…Always

Adjust the headrest and mirrors

This is very important if you share the car with someone else. Before driving, check the mirrors and adjust the headrest. The headrest is important in limiting a whiplash in the case of a rear-end collision. The headrest should be positioned in such a way that it is even with the top of your head and one inch away from the back of your head.

Don’t forget to wear your seat-belt

Many people may overlook this because they know nothing is going to happen. Seatbelts are life-saving in the case of an accident. According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), seat-belts reduce fatal injury by 45% and 60% in small trucks.

Safely drive in a fog

Driving in a fog is not only scary, but frustrating. You cannot clearly see what’s ahead or behind. When you find yourself driving in a fog, drive slowly and turn on your lights. Use your low beams because if you use your high beams, the fog will reflect light from it and make it even more difficult to see and navigate through the hazy surrounding.
Do not multi-task if you are driving in a fog and follow the lines on the road to ensure you stay in your lane.

Drive safely in the rain

If you find yourself behind the wheel when it’s raining, just turn on your headlights in low beams and slow down.
Stay alert and know there might be a possibility of hydroplaning. If you unfortunately lose control and your wheels are not responding, just take your foot off the gas pedal and wait for the car to stop gliding.

Important Driving Tips To Remember…Always

When driving in the snow

Leave a big space between you and the car in front. Do not rush, just plan extra time into your journey and expect the roads to be very slippery.

Give tractors ample space

Tractor-trailers could weigh twenty times the size of your car. They also take the length of about two football fields to stop, so do not pull out in front of tractors and when you are behind them, try to remember that they cannot see you unless you are able to see their mirrors.

Avoid Tailgating

Driving too close to the car in front of you puts you, the people you are with and other drivers in danger. Driving too close to the car in front reduces your ability to stop when an emergency occurs. This also prevents you from looking ahead for possible road hazards that may be ahead.

The last but not least tip is not to drive when you are tired. If you feel sleepy or fatigued, just pull into a rest stop and take a nap. You can also do light exercises, drink water or caffeine or roll down the windows.