Staying Safe On The Road: Ways To Prevent Carjacking

Being carjacked can be a very scary and terrifying ordeal. Having the car stolen when you are behind the wheel can be potentially dangerous and lethal.
There are a few reasons that can make cars attractive to potential thieves. However, it’s not always the make or brand of the car that contributes to motor vehicle theft. Try to take these preventive measures that might foil the disgusting plans of some car thieves out there.

Ways To Prevent Carjacking

1. Always keep your car windows and doors locked every time there is no one in your car, even if you’re away for just a few minutes.

2. Do not leave your valuables out in the open. If you have big valuables and personal property, place them in the trunk. Do not leave jewelry, wallets or purses on your car seats unattended.

3. This goes without saying but park in secure and well-lit areas. Try to park your car in a public parking space, near guard booths or close to store entrances. Keep your cars in a garage and always lock the doors to your home garages.

4. Try to install anti-theft devices. Devices like a steering wheel lock may discourage potential thieves from targeting your cars. Try to add a tracking device which will come in handy when there is need to track a stolen car. Most new cars have tracking devices but they can also be purchased and added to old cars.

Carjacks are very dangerous as most of the carjackers are usually armed and dangerous. There are some ways you can try to avoid being a victim of carjacking.

1. Always have your mobile phone close and charged. This will help in calling for help or sending a message during that crucial moment.

2. Avoid being alone in areas that have a high crime rate, isolated roads and parking lots that are dark, isolated and away from any other person.

3. Always be alert and aware of your surroundings. Pay attention to cars that seem to be following you around and people who seem to be suspiciously lurking around your car. Call 911 or any number that you know will respond in a split second.

Ways To Prevent Carjacking

4. There are some devious ways carjackers lure their victims into the trap. These include bumping your car, pretending to be stranded or even flashing their lights as if there is something wrong with your car. These are all ploys to tempt you to pull over. Keep your windows closed, your doors locked and drive to the nearest police station if you feel unsafe, threatened or stranded.

5. Park in well-lit areas. If you have already parked but feel unsafe to go back into your car, do not be afraid to find a security guard and asking them to accompany you to your car.

6. Do not use ATMs that are in isolated places. You will only be putting yourself, your bank accounts and your car in danger. If you are driving in isolated, dark or very unsafe areas, keep your doors and windows closed.