Multi-Million Dollar Mansions Of NFL Players

Aaron Rogers – California

Aaron Rogers began playing football in college in California, and made a name for himself pretty quickly. In 2005, he was picked to play for the NFL’s Green Bay Packers. At first, Rogers was living in Green Bay to be close to his home team, but it seems he missed his actual hometown (well, home state at least), and moved back to this not-so-modest mansion, complete with an Olympic sized pool. 

Peyton Manning – Denver

Now back in the day former quarterback Peyton Manning had quite the reputation of being one of the best players out there. He played for both the Indianapolis Colts and the Denver Broncos and it’s safe to say that even in his retirement he only wants the best in life. This property, located in Chevy Hills Village measures an impressive 16,464 square feet and is worth over $4.5 million. With seven bedrooms we are sure the kids have a fair amount of space to roam.

Randy Moss – New England Patriots

One of The most legendary NFL players out there has just recently put on the market his Lincoln RI home. The six-time Pro Bowler owns a 3,846-square-foot contemporary home placed on a land of 4 acres. The three-bedroom, three-bathroom home includes a combination of wooden but modern floors and walls, and is bigger than anyone can ever manage!

Tony Romo – Dallas

Tony Romo is a former Dallas Cowboys quarterback who spent the entirety of his fourteen-year career playing for the same team. This is pretty strange for an NFL player, because they usually get shuffled around from team to team, but his mansion worth nine big ones might clue you in as to why. That’s right we said $9 million dollars for that property which has six bedrooms, a glorious entertainment area and a massive outdoor area for the whole neighborhood to enjoy if need be. Impressed? We’re just getting started!

Rob Gronkowski – Boston

We can hate on the luxurious lifestyles that NFL players live, but we definitely cannot deny that they really have a tough time fighting it out on the field and Rob is definitely no exception. His massive property measures 2,063 square feet and is situated in the Boston Seaport District. If you’re wondering how much of a hole in your pocket this mansion would burn, the answer is just $2.2 million. Just check out that fantastic private roof deck and tell us it’s not worth it. Yeah, didn’t think so.

Kurt Warner – Scottsdale

This home valued at $5 million is where former Arizona Cardinals quarterback likes to lift his feet up and relax. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona the 11,000 square foot home has a huge seven bedrooms, a gaming room, home theatre, pool, ten bathrooms and a cabana! Working as a TV football analyst we would bet all our money that when he isn’t at work he is relaxing in his home. We would too. Impressed? Stick around because the mansions just keep getting bigger!

Russell Wilson – Bellevue

What looks to be more like a luxurious hotel than a family home is actually the property belonging to the Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback by the name of Russell Wilson and his R&B singer wife, Ciara. They share the home with their daughter and two dogs, but with the 10,700 square feet that the property measures we are sure they have enough room. With their earnings the $6.7 million spent on it would have been small change for the two of them. If you loved this then you have to hang around for some of the other mansions sure to shock you!

Robert Griffin III – Aldie

If you are in the market for a luxury home there are a few things you should aspire to and Robert’s house has all those fantastic features. This 9,000 square foot home was purchased by the quarterback for $2.5 million and we are green with envy at all the trimmings it contains. We’re talking five bedrooms, four bathrooms, media room, spa, mudroom, wine cellar, indoor elevator AND a golf course. Since he is currently not playing he has been forced to put it up for sale, so if you’re looking…

Troy Aikman – Texas

When you retire from the NFL you really want to live the good life because it did not come without its battles that’s for sure. Troy Aikman clearly wanted the same for himself when he purchased a few properties around the world. He ended up selling this 10,000 square foot home in favor of relocating to Europe. If you think that money cannot buy you happiness at least it can buy you a new home in Europe.

Marshawn Lynch – Richmond

Now here is a man after our own property hearts! There is nothing that beats a waterfront property and Lynch made sure this opportunity didn’t slip through his fingers, grabbing it as soon as he got the chance. It is valued at $3.3 million over 7,000 square feet. The best feature is the stunning view of the San Francisco Bay he wakes up to each morning. It doesn’t hurt that he also has his own 58-foot boat dock as well. When can we move in?

Matt Forte – Chicago

This mansion in the River North neighborhood of Chicago belongs to none other than Matt Forte, the running back for the New York Jets. It set him back $4.1 million spanning over 9,000 square feet. Within it you will find five bedrooms over four levels, six bathrooms and even an indoor elevator. If you think that is more than enough Matt wouldn’t agree. He is looking to expand a further 1,137 square feet and his lawyers are currently submitting papers for a zoning change.

Von Miller – Cherry Hills Village

When you have more than 800 pairs of shoes and over 150 pairs of eyeglasses it is logical to assume that you need A LOT of space for all of your personal effects. This is the reason Von Miller owns an impressive mansion in Cherry Hills Village in Colorado which stands at $8 million. It has seven bedrooms, one of which we are sure serves the sole purpose of storing all of his shoes. Nice work, Miller!

Ryan Tannehill – Fort Lauderdale

Looks like the Miami Dolphins star quarterback know what it is like to live the life of luxury. Seriously though who wouldn’t want to own a waterfront property in Fort Lauderdale? This place set him back $4.3 million and includes four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a media room and a gym so he can work on his fitness at home. Additionally, you have a very large pool and a guest house in the back. Now we know where to stay next time we’re in Miami.

Colt McCoy- Texas

Colt McCoy currently plays for the Washington Redskins but he got his start in Texas in college football. There he bought a mansion that he bought back in 2007. The house has over 2,887 square feet and looks like the perfect quaint Texas family home. It has has four bedrooms, three large bathrooms, beautiful cathedral ceilings for an airy open space, and a large backyard for his kids to play in. Colt lives there with his wife Rachel Glandorf and they have two children together.

Michael Strahan- New York

As you may know Michael Strahan is no longer a football player but he has a long career behind him. He played 15 years for the New York Giants and earned himself a good amount of savings to buy his very own mansion. Today he hosts television morning shows which also earns him a good amount of bucks. Today Strahan lives in New York and looking for place because of his new day job there but he used to have a fancy L.A mansion in his possession that he sold for over 21 million dollars.  He earned over 16 million from the price he originally bought it in 2013. He will probably rack up a New York mansion of his own pretty soon.

Ndamukong Suh – Fort Lauderdale

Another Miami Dolphins star has paid big bucks to settle in his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The massive 11, 142 square foot home has everything and rightly so because it is valued at $6.5 million. The three-story house contains eight bedrooms, six baths, a huge kitchen of modern design and glorious floor to ceiling windows. Suh can literally put his feet up because the master suite comes with its own sitting room and soaking tub! Now that is luxurious living!

Julio Jones – Atlanta

When we look at some of the other prices these NFL stars are cashing out for their homes we think that Julio Jones of the Atlanta Falcons really got his money’s worth. The 8,000 square foot home in Atlanta set him back $1.25 million, but don’t worry because it has all the features of a luxurious home. Seven bathrooms, heated floors, pond, pool and a tennis court will leave nothing more for the heart to desire. What an absolute bargain this was! Check out more slides for more mansions!

Julius Peppers – Miami

Making the move from the Green Bay Packers to the Carolina Panthers we are sure that Julius will once more be in the market for a new property. Until then though, it is safe to say that his current Miami home will suffice. The 9,100 square foot Dutch-Caribbean style home is packed with eight bedrooms and just as many bathrooms, wine cellar, library, summer and chef’s kitchen as well as an infinity pool. It’s estimated worth is $6.5 million and we want it.

Ladainian Tomlinson – California

While many people all over the world could only dream of having a Californian home, San Diego Chargers former running back did just that. His 9,600 square foot property has everything anyone could ever dream of having within their home including a basketball court, huge pool, six bedrooms, five bathrooms, golf course, movie theatre and our personal favorite a wall-sized fish tank! It set him back $6.5 million so we can say with certainty that he is enjoying his retirement right now.

Jerry Rice – California

Well we promised bigger mansions and Jerry Rice certainly delivers in that regard! This former New York Giants legend did the smart thing while playing in the NFL by investing in properties all over the place, but this Los Angeles estate is the place he calls home. With a massive 15,600 square feet it is estimated at $17 million boasting nine bedrooms, a swimming pool, nine-bathroom, formal dining room, butler’s pantry and chef’s kitchen. Retirement never looked so good!

Elvis Dumervil – Florida

There have been bankruptcy rumors surrounding Elvis and this home due to the fact that nobody knows his living arrangements, but here’s hoping that has no truth to it. He apparently sold this 7,900 square foot Florida home for $2.3 million to one lucky buyer. We say lucky because the mansions has seven bedrooms and just as many bathrooms, gaming room, resort-style pool wet bar as well as a home cinema. We certainly hope he got the price he wanted because that home looks like a dream to us!

Keyshawn Johnson – California

If you have a spare $11 million lying around you might want to give Keyshawn Johnson a call and make him an offer on his home, that is what it’s worth after all. He has played for quite a few teams over the years including The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Carolina Panthers, New York Jets and the Dallas Cowboys, but he is now enjoying his retirement. This Calabasas home boasts 11,746 square feet and has a sunken basketball court, six bedrooms and nine baths!

Patrick Wills – San Jose

Well Patrick might not have gone for as many bedrooms as some of the other NFL players, but he certainly cashed out just as much, if not for his home. The former linebacker of the San Francisco 49ers has a $6 million mansion on his hands. The Mediterranean style home is equipped with four bedrooms, five bathrooms, game room and a home theater, resting on 4.3 acres of land. Love this mansion? Trust us when we tell you there are more with prices so high you won’t know what hit you!

Troy Polamalu – California

Troy really enjoys the finer things in life, from his cars to his home so it isn’t surprising that he invested in this 1.75-acre property in La Jolla, California. At an estimated value of $4.75 million this home has all the amenities you need and more to live a comfortable day to day lifestyle. It has six bedrooms, eight baths, a media room and three fireplaces. Can you believe that a few years back Troy got bored and sold his house?

Adrian Peterson – Woodlands, Texas

We love an all-rounder and it seems that Adrian Peterson is just that! The New Orleans Saints running back bought this ginormous home spending over $5 million on it and for that he got himself six bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a gaming room and a walk-in cellar. On top of all that the place has a two-story library which means that Adrian must really like his books. He sold the property a few years back for $6.7 million earning some cash in the process.

Jason Taylor – Florida

It looks as though not all properties turn out to be a great investment as Jason Taylor found out. The Miami Dolphins star purchased this 10,247 square foot home for approximately $3.6 million dollars looking to settle down there, but quickly changed his mind. He put it on the market for just over $4 million but ended up making a sale for just $3.2 million which actually left him losing money in the end. Well you win some, you lose some. Keep reading for more mansion stories!

Josh Freeman – Tampa, Florida

So, this guy might have changed teams here, there and everywhere, but it is because of this that he was able to afford this amazing Mediterranean-style home in Florida. It is a three-story home which stretches over 5,837 square feet and sold for $2.19 million. It has six bedrooms and a home cinema with a lot of other entertainment rooms which would suffice greatly for having family and friends over. We’re not sure as to why he decided to let go of the property, but he must have gone on to better investments.

Kyle Long – Lake Forest, Illinois

Kyle Long is the celebrated Chicago Bears guard who quite obviously does well for himself. Well enough, in fact, to be able to afford this home in Lake Forest which is worth about $2.5 million. It sits on 6,238 square feet and is complete with five bedrooms, six bathrooms, gym, theatre as well as a three-car heated garage. It is reported that he managed to snag the house at a discounted rate proving just how much of a savvy businessman he actually is.

Mario Williams – Aurora, Buffalo

Mario has changed a few teams throughout the years including the Houston Texans, Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins which allowed him to purchase this mansion in Aurora. It was bought for $2 million and features five bedrooms, enormous kitchen and various entertainment rooms and is positioned on 5.1 acres of land. In 2016 he listed it for some reason and managed to get $3 million, which means he made quite a return on the mansion. Nice work, Mario!

Cam Newton – Charlotte, North Carolina

It is always handy when professional sports people are able to invest their earnings because it is inevitable that their career on the field will one day end. This is what happened when quarterback Cam Newton did just that by purchasing his luxurious condo located in Charlotte. This property is part of the Trust building and cost him $1.6 million. It has three bedrooms and three baths with glorious wooden floors. The pool found on the rooftop is always a bonus as well.

Antonio Gates – Poway, California

Now we cannot fault this home at all, but it seems as with everything else people get sick of their surrounding from time to time needing a change. Antonio decided that is just what he needed when he listed his living space in 2017 in order to find a new home for himself. This place is valued at an estimated $2.5 million, has five bedrooms, a huge kitchen and seven bathrooms! That’s one bathroom for every day of the week. Stick with us for even crazier mansion prices!

Joe Montana – Marina District, San Francisco

Sometimes when you get your hands on a lot of money it is easy to spend it without thinking things through. Joe Montana tried to sell his Napa mansion for a whopping $49 million, but only ended up selling for $35 million which is significantly below its estimated price point. He ended up downsizing to a home worth just over two and a half million which had two bedrooms and two bathrooms as well as a large kitchen and dining area. Sometimes smaller is sweeter.

Charles Woodson – Orlando, Florida

There is no better feeling than getting a great deal on something, be it clothing, homewares or a car, but can you imagine saving around a million dollars on your future investment? That is exactly what happened to Charles Woodson, the former cornerback and safety of the Green Bay Packers and Oakland Raiders. His 8,000 square foot home was listed for $4.6 million but he only ended up cashing out $3.65 million for it. That is the most expensive bargain we’ve ever heard of!

Chad Pennington – Southwest Ranches, Florida

Check out these digs! We are seriously considering hitting up Chad to find out if he needs any roomies because this house is on fire! The amazing 8,260 square foot ranch has everything you could ever hope for including a swimming pool, marbled bathrooms, barbeque area and even a water fountain! This former Miami Dolphins and New York Jets star also has six bedrooms and bathrooms to choose from on a daily basis. It’s worth an estimated $3.3 million.

Shaun O’Hara – Franklin Lakes, New Jersey

Well this is one retirement plan that we would sign up for in minutes. Shaun, a former New York Giants center clearly did something right in his career because it gave him the opportunity to unwind in this 7,520 square foot home found in New Jersey. It set him back $2.7 million and once again leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to everyday life. With his very own library and spa the man can chill in the bath with a book. If you loved this mansion there are plenty more to see so keep clicking for more.

Michael Turner – Suwanee, Georgia

Who said you needed a beachfront mansion to enjoy the good life. Michael Turner who once played for the San Diego Chargers as well as the Atlanta Falcons is kicking his feet up and loving life in his sweet pad in Georgia. The place has six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a library, massive pool, an office and six glorious fireplaces. If you’re worried about where he stashes his cars, don’t be. One of the four garages will surely suffice.

Matt Birk – Reisterstown, Maryland

Now this is probably the best-looking mansion we’ve seen for the least amount of money paid! Let’s just say that we appreciate a good deal and this house looks like a bargain! After signing a contract for three years with the Ravens, Matt decided to treat himself, and what better way to invest your money than in a property you can call your own. It set him back $1.6 million and contains five bedrooms, six bathrooms and space for visitors coming to see him from all over!

Cortland Finnegan – Brentwood, Tennessee

Speaking of bargains check out the mansion that Mr. Finnegan made his own. This amazing two-story home is estimated at $1.5 million and has a beautiful staircase, five bedrooms, five baths, four fireplaces as well as a three car garage. It seems that he had enough of the place and decided to move because he sold it just under the asking price at $1.4 million back in 2012. But wait. There’s more. And it gets better!

Warren Sapp – Orange County, Orlando

Just by looking at this picture you might think that $2.1 million is a bargain price for this mansion and you would be entirely correct. Sapp bought the place for $4.1 million back in 2004 but had to accept almost half that when he decided to list it. He actually filed for bankruptcy and was forced to sell his home in 2012. He played with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers when they won the Super Bowl and was in the sport for thirteen years running.

Jay Cutler – Winnetka, Illinois

One way to get over the house insurance hassles is not to purchase the house of your dreams but rent it out instead. This is exactly the strategy that Jay Cutler came with when he and his wife settled in their Illinois mansion. It has five bedrooms and more space than they will ever need for the rental price of $10,000 a month. We appreciate a try before you buy plan, so it might just be their temporary solution before they find something they love.

Frank Gore – Davies, Florida

We are certainly not sure as to why Frank Gore would want to give up this glorious mansion, but apparently a few years after purchasing it he has decided to put it back on the market. He initially bought it for $1.7 million, but it is now listed at $1.5 and has six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a large swimming pool and also a theater room. So if you are looking at properties in the Davies are this one might be an option for you.


Devin Hester – Riverwoods, Chicago

It’s never easy when you sign with a new team and you have to put your house up for sale in order to make your life a little easier. This happened to Devin Hester when he signed with the Atlanta Falcons, putting up his Chicago home for sale. The six-bedroom mansion also offers a hot tub, a pond and a tennis court all on a massive 10,000 square feet. If you think that is an impressive house check out some of the ones we have coming up!

Reggie Bush – Los Angeles

Talk about luxurious modern living. This home is right up our alley, but it seems Reggie Bush is not one to agree. Even though he purchased the large estate for $4.7 million back it 2007, he waited seven years before letting go of it. We are guessing his name and the state of the economy had something to do with him selling it for a million dollars more! Talk about a great turnover rate on your investment.

Patrick Peterson – Scottsdale

It would be amazing to be able to take a chunk of your savings and slap it down in order to be a homeowner so that you don’t have to go through that dreaded thirty-year mortgage. That is exactly what happened when Patrick Peterson set his eyes on this beauty. Sure, it cost him a whopping $2.692 million, but we are pretty sure we would do the same. The one-acre home in the gated Paradise Manor Estates community gives him privacy and luxury. Who could ask for more?

Adam Podlesh – Libertyville, Illinois

This is probably the cheapest mansion of all the players we have come across and we meet that with an enormous amount of enthusiasm. Imagine having a five-bedroom property complete with a media room as well as a workout room. He bought the home in 2011 for a measly $797.5K, but later sold it for a marginal profit in 2014. If you think that is a bargain we have something else for you that might be of interest so be sure to stay and check it out!

Jeff Garcia – Rancho Santa Fe, California

This is the retirement plan that we need for ourselves. Can you believe that this man did so well in his career that he was able to retire without any financial difficulties and was still able to hold onto this Mediterranean-style home? He still decided to part ways with it in the end, which is a shame, but he earned over a million dollars on it from the original price he paid, selling it for $7.75 million.

DeMarcus Ware – Denver

Well it must have been said a few times that when DeMarcus Ware left his mansion in Dallas in favor of a three-level townhouse that he was downsizing due to financial troubles. The retired linebacker and defensive end from the Denver Broncos shut down these rumors when he purchased a property in the very exclusive Denver neighborhood of Cherry Creek North. This amazing home set him back $1.37 million, so if that is downsizing we want to know where we can sign up?

Carson Palmer – Del Mar

So in comparison to some of the other prices we have mentioned this is a little out of everyone’s league. Although it comes in smaller than Russell Wilson’s estate with only 8,000 square feet it has been priced at a whopping $25 million! Carson purchased the land in Del for about $4.4 million and went on to construct the home. We are betting that it will sell for probably half the construction cost if not more. Very clever, Carson. We see you!

Tom Brady – Brookline

What more could you ask for than to have a beautiful home worth $4.5 million in Massachusetts. Our reply to that would be to throw in Tom Brady and the beautiful Gisele Bündchen into the mix. Of course, this loving couple makes sure to relax in their amazing home whenever they get the chance to. And who wouldn’t? It has five bedrooms, an office complete with a library, sunroom, wine cellar and six bathrooms. Needless to say, we’re jealous!

Brandon Marshall – New York

We just spat out a little bit of our morning coffee looking at these amazing photos of Brandon Marshall’s home. The man signed a $12 million contract with the New York Giants, so it comes as no surprise that he allocated $5 million for this massive mansion. If you love the place, it has been reported that he parted ways with the Southwest Ranches home in Florida and is now renting an apartment in New Jersey, but still keeping a keen eye out for a great property to come along. Keep reading!

Eli Manning – Quogue

You know that you’ve made the big time when you start searching for a property in South Hampton and this is exactly what happened when Eli started looking for a place to call home. The three-story beachfront mansion is worth around $8.5 million and contains five bedrooms, an enormous pool, four bathrooms and a patio too. The best part? He even has his own private walkway to the beach. If you think this is your dream home think again! There are many more mansions to drool over so stick with us!

Philip Rivers – San Diego

If you were a starting quarterback for the Los Angeles Chargers like Philip Rivers is, especially with his ground breaking stats, we are sure you would want to invest in a luxurious home, so you can kick your feet up when you have a few minutes to spare. That is exactly what he does in his Santaluz development home which is located just north of San Diego. This huge property is work $3.5 million which looks to be just the starting point because he just got his hands on another property recently.

Antonio Brown – Hollywood

Well now this is just the mansion to top all mansions! If we looked up the definition of the word in the dictionary we are sure it would reference Antonio Brown’s lovely, but definitely not small-scale home. Found in Hollywood Oaks it has an impressive twelve bedrooms, ten bathrooms, guest house, two pools, home cinema, office, media room, gym and an outdoor kitchen. The home, worth $6.6 million even has a built-in synagogue! It sounds like we could get lost on his property!

Deion Sanders – Texas

Now there are many NFL players out there trying to sell their properties and it has become a point of contention whether or not that is due to a lack of financial funding or for other reasons. This is also the case with Deion Sanders who seems is looking to let go of his very expensive $21 million ranch. The property boasts 109 acres and even contains a huge lake. In addition to that you have ten rooms, indoor basketball court, a bowling alley and other cool amenities.